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LEO I 457-474AD Byzantine Roman Ancient Genuine Coin MONOGRAM i20588

LEO I 457-474AD Byzantine Roman Ancient Genuine Coin MONOGRAM i20588
LEO I 457-474AD Byzantine Roman Ancient Genuine Coin MONOGRAM i20588
LEO I 457-474AD Byzantine Roman Ancient Genuine Coin MONOGRAM i20588

LEO I 457-474AD Byzantine Roman Ancient Genuine Coin MONOGRAM i20588
Item: i20588 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Leo I - Roman Emperor: 457-474 A.

Bronze AE4 10mm (0.62 grams) Constantinople mint: 457-474 A. Reference: RIC 684 DNLEOPFAVG - Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Flavius Valerius Leo (40118 January 474), known in English as Leo the Thracian or Leo I, was a Byzantine Emperor who ruled from 457 to 474.

He was known as Magnus Thrax (the "Great Thracian") by his supporters, and Leo the Butcher by his enemies. Ruling the Eastern Empire for nearly 20 years from 457 to 474, Leo proved to be a capable ruler, overseeing many ambitious political and military plans, aimed mostly for the aid of the faltering Western Roman Empire and recovering its former territories. Born as Leo Marcellus in the year 401 to a Thraco-Roman family (of the Daci or Bessi tribe), he served in the Roman army, rising to the rank of count (comes). He was the last of a series of emperors placed on the throne by Aspar, the Alan serving as commander-in-chief of the army, who thought Leo would be an easy puppet ruler. Leo's coronation as emperor on February 7 457, was the first known to involve the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Leo I made an alliance with the Isaurians and was thus able to eliminate Aspar. The price of the alliance was the marriage of Leo's daughter to Tarasicodissa, leader of the Isaurians who, as Zeno, became emperor in 474. In 469 Aspar attempted to assassinate Zeno, and very nearly succeeded.

Finally in 471 Aspar's son Ardabur was implicated in a plot against Leo and both were killed by palace eunuchs acting on Leo's orders. During Leo's reign, the Balkans were ravaged time and again by the East Goths and the Huns. However, these attackers were unable to take Constantinople thanks to the walls which had been rebuilt and reinforced in the reign of Theodosius II and against which they possessed no suitable siege engines. Leo's reign was also noteworthy for his influence in the Western Roman Empire, marked by his appointment of Anthemius as Western Roman Emperor in 467. He attempted to build on this political achievement with an expedition against the Vandals in 468, which was defeated due to arrogance of Leo's brother-in-law Basiliscus. The expedition, which cost 130,000 pounds of gold and 700 pounds of silver, consisted of 1,113 ships carrying 100,000 men, but in the end lost 600 ships. Leo died of dysentery at the age of 73 on January 18, 474. Leo and Verina had three children. Their eldest daughter Ariadne was born prior to the death of Marcian (reigned 450 - 457). Ariadne had a younger sister, Leontia. Leontia was first married to Patricius, a son of Aspar.

Their marriage was probably annulled when Aspar and another of his sons, Ardabur, were assassinated in 471. Leontia then married Marcian, a son of Anthemius and Marcia Euphemia.

The couple led a failed revolt against Zeno in 478-479. They were exiled to Isauria following their defeat. An unnamed son was born in 463.

He died five months following his birth. The only sources about him are a horoscope by Rhetorius and a hagiography of Daniel the Stylite. The Georgian Chronicle, a 13th century compilation drawing from earlier sources, reports a marriage of Vakhtang I of Iberia to Princess Helena of Byzantium, identifying her as a daughter of the predecessor of Zeno. This predecessor was probably Leo I, the tale attributing a third daughter to Leo.

Cyril Toumanoff identified two children of this marriage. Mithridates of Iberia and Leo of Iberia. This younger Leo was father of Guaram I of Iberia. The accuracy of the descent is unknown.

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  • Ruler: Leo I

LEO I 457-474AD Byzantine Roman Ancient Genuine Coin MONOGRAM i20588